Saving our Planet ... One tree at a time.

Last year there were 320 million trees harvested to make 40 million tons of paper  that eventually ended up in landfills where 15 million men, women and children call home. To survive, many of these people forage on the  rotten  food scraps that were discarded by grocery stores, open air markets, and the table scraps from restaurants, and homes.  


At PYROCHILL Solutions…we do have a Solution.  For every tree harvested, plant two trees in its place.  And, in conjunction with PYROCHILL Plantit Earth… we propose to install a PYROCHILL Plantit Earth  recycling center at every landfill throughout the world.  


Each recycling center has the capability to recycle all discarded waste paper into flame proof cellulose insulation and sorely needed compost that could generate up to six million dollars annually.  Through the revenue generated, it is our vision to remove the individuals living in these landfills by creating housing, by feeding, and by educating  those in need.  


Help us help them.  A contribution to PYROCHILL Plantit Earth, is a contribution to our planet and to all humankind.  


Last year 11.5  billion trees were harvested to produce daily newspapers, writing paper, wrapping paper, packaging paper, lumber, etc., etc.  PYROCHILL PLANTIT EARTH is a green earth supported society who’s main quest is very simple. For every one tree harvested or destroyed, plant two trees to take its place.  And, recycle every bit of paper that ends up in landfills into reusable products like PYROCHILL fireproof cellulose insulation, PYROCHILL compost, paper goods, and building materials. This means that we use our best foot forward in placing PYROCHILL paper recycling plants at every landfill in the world.  PYROCHILL... your Fire Protection specialists!