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PYROCHILL® Solutions, Inc.

The next generation of 
fire-extinguishing and fire-inhibiting products
for wildfires, industry and home.

Stop fire. Save the Earth




PYROCHILL® Applications


We provide PYROCHILL formulations for various settings. Click below to learn more about your specific application.

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The next generation of fire retardants - 


So powerful it demands a class of its own - introducing the Fire Inhibitor - the next generation of fire retardants. Our unique triple action arms you with the power of a fire extinguisher, combustion prevention, and creation of a powerful char barrier all in one. 

And...all of our PYROCHILL formulations are eco-friendly! Every ingredient we use is listed on the EPA Safer Chemical list. Our products are non-toxic, VOC-free and biodegradable. 

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Delivers the highest standard of fire extinguishing and fire inhibiting actions.

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Safe for first responders, manufacturing floor workers, home use and the environment.

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Contains zero PBDE's or PFA's. 

Non-Toxic, VOC-free, Green.

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Available for Federal, State & Local use. Approved SAMS and aligns with green regulations.

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Available in several formulations to serve the needs specific to Wildfire Extinguishment and Fire Breaks, Industry & Manufacturing, and Home & Community.

PYROCHILL® Specs & Certs


Need to learn more about our specifications, certifications and safety info?

Click below to see the full list.


Check back often as we are constantly testing, updating and adding new product offerings. 


PYROCHILL Solutions, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of PYROCHILL, a non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, fire inhibitor and fire extinguishing compound.  We deliver formulations for use in the areas of:


  • Wildfire  Fire Breaks, Spot Fires, Perimeters

  • Building Materials and Industry

  • Home, Business and Community

Visit our Products page to learn more about our size and delivery options for large jobs and to explore our application products.


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or give us a call at 800-961-2456

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