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PYROCHILL® Building Materials & Industry



Our PYROCHILL Industry formulations help companies to address fire-resistance and fire-proofing of their products during the manufacturing process. 

PYROCHILL Industry also delivers a safe and effective option to protect people and property in fire-prone manufacturing settings, where we can be applied to various surfaces to prevent combustion or as a fire extinguishing agent should a fire break out.

Every process, product and manufacturing setting are unique. Reach out and together, we can explore the right approach for you. 

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PYROCHILL - Aqueous Formulation      


Our Aqueous formulation is water-based and compatible with most water-based coatings or can be applied directly to most materials including wood, fabric, insulation, upholstery, rugs and much more. Our PYROCHILL Industry - Aqueous Formulation can be applied via spraying, dipping, roller, brush, cloth or immersion techniques. Download the full PDF Product Brochure.

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PYROCHILL Industry - Latex Paint Additive         


Our PYROCHILL Industry Latex Paint Additive allows manufacturers and contractors to infuse their water-based paints and coatings with a green, toxin-free fire inhibitor.  Whether you are painting newly manufactured items such as furniture, homes, boats, decks, siding, barns, walls, etc., or refreshing existing ones, it is imperative to proactively prepare and protect in case of fire. Download the full PDF Brochure.

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PYROCHILL Industry - Non-Aqueous Additive     


Our newest formulation! PYROCHILL Industry - Non-Aqueous Formula delivers our same standard of fire protection in a powder form that can be successfully mixed into many oil-based/alkyd paints and coatings. Now there is a green, non-toxic, VOC-free option for safeguarding your products that utilize non-aqueous coatings. Download the full PDF Brochure.


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