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PYROCHILL Fire Extinguishing Options


Our fire extinguishing spray and devices are ideal for homes, schools, multi-family dwellings, businesses, government places or work, industry, cars, rv's, boats, and planes!

Our snuff bomb is an eco-friendly and effective replacement for a fire extinguisher. It has a 3 year shelf-life and is easy to handle. 

Our ancillary unit provides options to augment a sprinkler system or to provide protection in facilities that do not have a sprinkler system in place. 

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PYROCHILL disrupts the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including the prevention of “flash-over,” - the burst of flames that can engulf an area - and makes it much more difficult to escape. 

PYROCHILL limits the process of decomposition by physically encapsulating the available fuel sources from the material source with a fire-resistant, charred/ ceramic barrier. 

PYROCHILL encapsulates the oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone by emitting nanoparticles of nitrogen and other inert gasses when it encounters heat or flame. 


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