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Fire Breaks - Perimeters - Wildfire Extinguishing Agent

PYROCHILL® Wildfire 

Welcome to the new generation...


Pyrochill® Wildfire is specifically formulated for application on trees, bark, bushes, grasses, shrubs, wild greenery, and surface land.


Our unique formula delivers our hallmark fire inhibitor and extinguishing power coupled with revitalizing amino acids and peptides.

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PYROCHILL® Wildfire 

Firebreaks and Wildfire Extinguishing Agent


PYROCHILL® Wildfire is ideal in the prevention and extinguishing of wildfires. Powerful enough to be used in place of traditional firebreaks in most surroundings. Incorporate PYROCHILL Wildfire into your firebreak planning and create effective barriers in minutes and hours vs. days. PYROCHILL's Wildfire formulation can also be used for fire extinguishing, making PYROCHILL capable of addressing both fire prevention and fire extinguishing. Available in a variety of sizes and forms to address the needs of your hot shots as well as your aerial and ground firefighting apparatus. 

Perimeters for Public Utilities, Communities, Businesses & Homes

PYROCHILL® Wildfire is also ideal for Public Utilities, Communities, Businesses & Homes. Utilizing the same formula and strength that is available for first responders, we at PYROCHILL are passionate about effective and safe prevention of wildfires. PYROCHILL Wildfire allows public utilities, municipalities and private sector to safely and effectively protect vulnerable areas from fire. 

PYROCHILL delivers  a solution that checks all the boxes: Safe and revitalizing for the earth, safe for the people & animals, powerful and effective at preventing and fighting fire, cost effective, and focused on recycling & reuse. 


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