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PYROCHILL Solutions, Inc. - US Locations:

PYROCHILL Solutions Inc.
102 South Tejon Rd, #1100
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

PYROCHILL Solutions Inc.
10 E Figueroa Street Santa Barbara, California 93101

PYROCHILL Solutions, Inc. - Europe, UK, Ireland

Via L. Einaudi, 1/B
30036 Santa Maria di Sala (VE)

*exclusive distributor of PYROCHILL products in EU, UK, Ireland


  • How does PYROCHILL work?
    When PYROCHILL is present, it can act in three key ways to prevent fire ignition. 1.) PYROCHILL disrupts the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including the prevention of “flash-over,” or the burst of flames that engulfs a room and makes it much more difficult if not impossible to escape. 2.) PYROCHILL limits the process of decomposition by physically encapsulating the available fuel sources from the material source with a fire-resisting “char” layer. 3.) PYROCHILL dilutes the flammable gasses and oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone by emitting nanoparticles of water, nitrogen and other inert gasses when it encounters heat or flame.
  • Is PYROCHILL safe to use in my home?
    Yes. PYROCHILL contains no PBDE's, PFAS, or any ortho-phthalates, bisphenols, lead, cadmium, mercury, halogenated flame retardants, formaldehyde, or polyvinyl chloride. If you are painting your home, be sure to use a paint that is free from formaldehyde as this is a drying agent still used in many paints and it is toxic and can be released when using heating. Our main PYROCHILL formulation has been certified by Green Seal. Always do a test patch to ensure the color, finish and adhesion are acceptable.
  • Where can I purchase PYROCHILL?
    Great question! Our online store will be in action again soon. Until our new launch, please email us at info@ or call us at 800-961-2456.
  • Is PYROCHILL approved to supply the public sector?
    Yes. Please contact us STATE of CALIFORNIA SOURCING BIDDER: (furnished upon request) FEDERAL TAX ID: (furnished upon request) SAM ID: F3JVW67HRT91 DUN & BRADSTREET NO.: 08-475-9924 CAGE CODE NO. 963H9

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